Stop and smell what exactly?

This is a non-fiction rant I wrote after reading some magazine article telling me to stop and appreciate life.

If life is a gift then poverty is a drunk urinating on the gift before the wrapping paper is even taken off. For too many, this gift of life isn’t enjoyed not because they push themselves too hard, but because the circumstances of their individual lives are simply miserable. They struggle to survive. They’re not clocking extra time at the office to earn a raise or a bonus. They’re working a second job at Walmart because the collections agencies won’t stop calling.

You can’t swing a dead cat without finding some written work admonishing people to stop and smell the roses. How about making it a little easier for others to enjoy life?

Working too hard leadss to spiritual deprivation, no doubt. But why do we work too hard? Sure, some of us work too hard because we want too much or we want too much for our kids. Some of us though, work too hard because there ain’t no other option.


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